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Mice Removal in the Bronx

Mice removal is never enjoyable for a homeowner. For most mouse pest control companies to do their job, they need to lay down dangerous or poisonous traps, they need to inspect every nook and cranny of your home, and they need to seal all possible entry points. It is an intensive and time-consuming process, and that is before any mice are actually exterminated or removed from your residence.

5 Star Environments LLC understands that a mice infestation is an arduous and stressful time for a homeowner. That is why we work hard to make every step of our mouse pest control service as painless as possible for our clients. Aside from being state-licensed pest control experts, we’re also homeowners ourselves. We will not carelessly lay down bait traps or needlessly spray harmful chemicals. 5 Star Environments LLC’s Integrated Pest Management practices ensure that we limit the use of all chemical extermination methods, at all costs. If possible, 5 Star Environments LLC will always take the non-toxic and natural approach to mouse removal.

Have you spotted a mouse in your home? Rest assured, if there is one mouse, there are many mice hiding out of sight. As harmless as they may seem, any mouse exterminator will tell you that mice are a threat to any household. Not only do they gnaw at cartons, boxes, and plastic items, they’ve also been known to chew their way through electrical wiring, resulting in power outages and even electrical fires. Make no mistake, those little critters are up to no good!

Mouse Pest Control Services in the Bronx

When a homeowner calls on a mouse exterminator and requests their mice removal services, the matter is usually urgent. If a mouse infestation is detected, you don’t want to wait until next week or the week after to deal with it––you want the matter dealt with now. This urgency leaves a client with little time to ask their exterminator some important questions. They’re unable to ask them if they take a humane and environmentally sound approach to pest removal. They’re unable to ask the mice exterminators if they prefer to use snap traps, glue traps, or bait to catch the mice.

5 Star Environments LLC, however, always takes the humane approach to mice removal. We won’t put you and your family at risk of stepping on dangerous traps, and we won’t litter your home with ineffective toxic chemicals.

Not only do we perform thorough home inspections, sanitation services, sealing of potential entry areas, but we also practice rodent prevention. Rodent prevention is the best approach to ensure that you do not experience another mouse infestation again.

Mice Removal for Unruly Mouse Infestations in the Bronx

5 Star Environments LLC is a full-service and versatile pest management company. When we come to your home to investigate your mouse infestation, we’re not only bringing the best equipment on the market, we’re bringing years of unparalleled knowledge and expertise.

Have mice made their way into your home? Don’t wait to see if they’re just visiting. Call the mouse exterminators at 5 Star Environments LLC today!