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Mice Removal in Manhattan

Getting rid of mice is one thing. Making sure they never come back? That’s a whole other task. Few are up for the job, but 5 Star Environments LLC most definitely is. With years of experience in the field of residential pest control, we are the team you can trust. Call (212) 695-1995 to request our services.

Get Your Mouse Problem Under Control with 5 Star Environments LLC

Who can blame mice for wanting to live in Manhattan? With so many luxurious apartment buildings and dark crawlspaces for them to hide in, it is the perfect place for a species, whose population in Manhattan alone, numbers in the millions. But that doesn’t mean they have to take residence in your home!

Have you spotted one, or several mice, crawling across your kitchen counter in the middle of the night? Have you seen a baby mouse scurry under your bed after you walked in the room? If so, contact us. We’re the humane and health-conscious mice removal experts for the job. Without resorting to cruel tactics or hazardous chemicals, we address your mouse problem quickly and take all the necessary steps to ensure those mice never come back to your home.

Other companies might eliminate your current mouse problem, but they’ll fail to address the underlying problems which brought them to your home in the first place. We’ll inspect your home for small cracks in the flooring, walls, windows. We will repair them quickly. We’ll address any problems that might attract mice into your home like indoor compost or waste bins, and more.

Professional Pest Control Services

There are companies who say they ‘get rid’ of mice. Other than that, they don’t say much about what they do. Why are they not keen on sharing information about their services more freely? Because their methods are probably quite questionable. A lot of pest control companies take an aggressive and inhumane approach to pest and wildlife removal. They cover a property with poisonous chemicals, traps, and more.

While mice might be a liability, they’re certainly not monsters. That’s why we take a different approach to ridding your home of mice. We decontaminate your home’s heavily-frequented areas, we seal all entry-points, and install 1-way exit doors on select entry-points. In no time at all, the mice will find their way into those exit doors. Once they’ve found their way inside, we’ll be able to remove the mice from your premises safely.

In-Depth Home Inspections

In order for us to find all the mice’s major entry-points and the contaminated areas, we first need to inspect your home. And rest assured, our inspections aren’t just quick once-overs with a clipboard and a pencil. Our work is thorough. We inspect your basement, your hallways, the floorboards, the ceiling and more. Doing so ensures that we don’t miss any problems that might result in us having to make an unnecessary second, third, or fourth visit.

Removing Mice from Manhattan, One Home at a Time.

One of the last things any Manhattan resident wants to see on their trip to the fridge for a midnight snack is a mouse.

A sudden blur out of the corner of your eye and the scattering of tiny claws means only one thing: you have a rodent infestation, and now you’ll need to do something about it.

Mice are indiscriminate pests and will hit Manhattan neighborhoods. All they want is somewhere to eat and sleep, and if you’re unlucky enough to be chosen, the problem can quickly get out of control.

Luckily for Manhattanites, 5 Star Environments LLC specializes in cracking tough mouse control cases. Even the largest mouse infestation is no match for our expert combination of the latest techniques, technological advances and hard-won intuition honed after years in the field.

Don’t just call in a mouse exterminator—call in a mouse pest control expert that knows how to tackle all aspects of a mice infestation. Call 5 Star Environments LLC for fast, reliable service.

The Difference Between Mouse Extermination and Mouse Control

Anyone can kill a mouse. Even a household cat can do it—and quite successfully. But to manage a full-blown mouse infestation in a Manhattan home is another task entirely.

At first blush, the difference between a mouse exterminator and a mouse pest control expert might seem minimal. 5 Star Environments LLC is a mouse pest control expert.

We not only kill or remove live animals within your home, but we also do a complete audit of your home to see where the mice have entered and where they are getting their food and water supply from.

Mice won’t infest a house unless conditions are good for an infestation. If they can’t easily find food, water or shelter, they will move on.

Knowing this is what sets 5 Star Environments LLC apart from the rest.

Mouse Control Services in Manhattan

We specialize in rodent exclusion, which seals off entry and exit points in your home. We’ll be paying particular attention to your crawlspaces, HVAC ducts, and corners to see if mice are entering through there.

We’ll also perform a thorough inspection of your pantry, kitchen, and bathrooms—the most likely spots for a mice infestation to get the nourishment it needs to multiply. We’ll provide you a concrete list of steps you can take to mouse-proof your home. Then, we’ll put down effective traps and poisons along likely migration routes.

It’s unlikely a single session will be enough to completely eradicate your mouse infestation. But 5 Star Environments LLC makes sure you get your dollars’ worth—and that you can sleep soundly, mice and rodent free!

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