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Bed Bug Removal in Manhattan

When Manhattan residents make the horrifying discovery of bed bugs in their home or apartment, they trust the proven expertise of the pest control specialists at 5 Star Environments LLC.

We arrive at your property swiftly to contain your bed bug outbreak and proceed with a diligent removal of the infestation. We use only the latest, most effective materials and equipment for pest removal, including green pest control products. Our exterminators work with precision to stop your infestation at the source.

We are pleased to offer rapid response rates, emergency availability, and exceptional customer service.

To schedule our service, or to request a free estimate, contact us today!

Rapid, Diligent Bed Bug Removal

As far as pest infestations are concerned, few can conjure up the fear and unease of the dreaded bed bug. Bed bugs are more than just a minor inconvenience and can cause significant damage to your property and furniture. What’s more, if not dealt with immediately, bed bug populations can grow exponentially.

Fortunately, our team of exterminators and pest specialists serve the Manhattan area with fast and efficient bed bug removal. With years of industry leading expertise and proven methods, we locate the source and location of bed bugs and quickly remove any trace of their presence.

Our technicians are fully licensed and bonded to perform any pest control services you require. In an emergency, we are available 24/7 to provide immediate relief from pests. To learn more, call us today!

Detailed Pest Assessment and Removal

When we arrive at your Manhattan residence, we will have all the resources and equipment needed for dependable, permanent removal of bed bugs. Our services not only remove your infestation but safeguard your home against future bed bug problems.

We begin with a detailed, comprehensive assessment, determining the location of bed bugs. We then proceed with the removal, using a number of innovative methods. The ZappBug Room is a portable bed bug heat treatment chamber, using thermal energy to exterminate bugs from furniture, electronics, and other infested surfaces.

We are proud to use safe, non-toxic pest removal products including an emphasis on green pest control. All our products are powerful on pests, yet safe for your home and family.

Experienced Exterminators Dedicated to Dependable Service

Our pest removal specialists receive extensive qualifications and training to provide the highest standards of pest removal.

We have a full list of pest control specialties for the needs of each Manhattan homeowner, and customize our services to you. Our technicians are fully insured and available for emergency infestations.

Safeguard Your Home Against Bed Bugs with 5 Star Environments LLC

When stubborn bed bugs make their presence known in your home, don’t hesitate before contacting the experts at 5 Star Environments LLC.

We’ll arrive at your property swiftly and remove your bed bug population using our highly dependable methods. We’ll remove bed bugs and ensure they won’t return to your home.

You’ll appreciate our competitive rates, diligent workmanship, and courteous, friendly approach. When bed bugs become apparent, our company is the one to call.

To learn more, contact us today. We look forward to serving you!

Commercial Bed Bug Removal

Fast, Extensive, and Dependable

We provide top-quality bed bug removal services for businesses and commercial properties. Over the years, we’ve distinguished ourselves as one of Manhattan’s number one exterminators.

Speed is what sets us apart from our competitors. Fast response times, quick service callouts, and minimal turnaround times are what you can expect from our services. When you contact us, we’ll provide you with the soonest available appointment time so that we can fix your issue as quickly as possible.

Our pest control experts will then arrive on time and ready to eliminate your problem. They’ll first secure the area of infestation to prevent it from spreading. After that, they’ll treat the area exhaustively, first eradicating the bed bugs before extracting them.

Rest assured. With us, you’ll get your business pest-free and up-to-code in as short of a time as possible. You’ll be able to resume operations sooner—and with the peace of mind that your business is safe and secure.

Manhattan Bed Bug Removal

Few things are as stressful for the average Manhattan homeowner or renter than waking up covered in itchy welts. No longer just a problem for the Bronx and Brooklyn, bed bugs has spread to as many as 20% of Manhattan households. If you know the stressful, sleepless nights that come from having a bed bug infestation, call 5 Star Environments LLC, and we’ll get started on bed bug removal right away.

We’re the licensed and insured bed bug removal team you can count on. We can take your bed bug problems and turn them into a thing of the past. We hope to hear from you soon.

Bed Bug Pest Control in Manhattan

What’s worse than a bed bug infestation? An ineffective bed bug treatment by supposed exterminators.

That might sound like an exaggeration, but just think about the damage bed bugs can cause. Now think of tacking hundreds of dollars onto that damage. Those hundreds of dollars are the cost of a bed bug removal treatment by any of the supposed pest control experts in the Manhattan area. If that treatment is ineffective, then you’ve just wasted your money. Not only that, but you’ve wasted time, too. Time is of the essence when dealing with bed bug infestations.

Want to avoid careless bed bug removal companies? Want to ensure you get peace of mind? Want to ensure you get your money’s worth? Look for a bed bug removal company like 5 Star Environments LLC! We provide unique, reputable, and sought-after pest control services that put our competitor’s outdated services to shame.

But before every extermination comes a consultation. In order for 5 Star Environments LLC to do our job correctly, we need to know the extent of your bed bug infestation. In order to work quickly, we’ll have to investigate your home and get all the information we can from you.

Some bed bug removal companies will skip the thorough consultation. That’s because they probably have little faith in their ability to exterminate all your bed bugs. Not 5 Star Environments LLC, though. We’re committed to providing customer satisfaction. Call us today for a consultation! We’d love to hear from you.

Bed Bug Removal Services in Manhattan

No two bed bug infestations are the same, but that doesn’t mean you exterminator should be flying by the seat of their pants during the extermination process. They should have at least one tried and tested approach removing bed bugs. They should be able to communicate that approach to you clearly and with confidence. If they’re unable to, consider them a liability and call 5 Star Environments LLC!

What is 5 Star Environments LLC approach? We rely on our patented and authentic Room. The Room is a portable thermal chamber (like a large tent) that relies on heat to rid your belongings of all bed bugs. It is the largest portable bed bug removal chamber on the market today, and stands among the best in the industry.

Is The Room just a gimmick? Absolutely not! 5 Star Environments steers clear of gimmicks. The Room is efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly. Thanks to our thermal chamber, we don’t have to waste your time pretreating your infested belongings with harmful powders, pesticides, or chemical sprays. The Room kills bed bug eggs, nymphs, and adults. It is large enough to heat-treat beds, tables, and even couches!

Would you like to hear more about our revolutionary bed bug removal services? Call 5 Star Environments LLC today!

Bed bugs are resilient pests. It takes more than just gassing the house and calling it a day—these pestilent predators know how to evade the exterminator’s tricks. Bed bug control from 5 Star Environments LLC involves a complete inspection of your home. We’ll find where the bed bugs are hiding—which can be many feet away from your bedroom—where the likely entry point into your home was, and how severe the bed bug infestation is.

Working from those data points, we’ll develop a clear and concise plan to quickly kill the adults and disrupt their reproductive cycle.

Our bed bug pest control packages use only proven poisons that are safe for humans and pets. You’ll sleep better once the little critters are dead, and you’ll sleep better knowing our extermination methods are safe for you and your loved ones!

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

5 Star Environments LLC is known throughout Manhattan for its innovative approach to bed bug extermination. Bed bug heat treatment is a new and completely natural––standalone––bed bug treatment that can also be combined with traditional bed bug extermination methods for more success.

Using special space heaters that are capable of distributing radiant heat to every corner of your room, we’ll remove valuables and anything flammable from your room, but leave the furniture undisturbed—that’s where the bedbugs may be hiding.

The main benefit of bed bug heat treatment is that both adult and nymph bed bugs and their eggs will die instantly at temperatures above 122 degrees Fahrenheit. By raising every room in your home to this temperature for several hours, we remove any margin of error, and without disrupting your life and home for more than a day.

Bed bug heat treatment methods are proven to be safe, effective, all-natural, and they don’t make use of harmful poisons. That’s why 5 Star Environments LLC adopted these methods of bed bug control years ago. Combined with traditional pesticides and preventive treatment, 5 Star Environments LLC’s methods are perfect for Manhattan homeowners looking to say goodbye to bed bugs—permanently.

Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Removal

At 5 Star Environments LLC, we are committed to sustainable solutions for all pest control problems. We refrain from using harmful, noxious chemicals when a green alternative would work just as well.

Our bed bug treatments are safe, non-invasive, and chemical-free. You won’t have to worry about our services affecting your indoor air quality or harming any surrounding vegetation. Our innovative Zappbug Room treatment method kills 100% of all bed bugs without the use of dangerous poisons. All it uses is the good old power of heat technology, eliminating all eggs, nymphs, and adult bed bugs. With us on the job, you can rest easy knowing that your property will be free from pests and safe for occupancy.

Pest-free, chemical-free, worry-free. It’s no wonder more and more New Yorkers are turning to us for all their pest control needs.

The Bed Bug Experts Here to Help

From Initial Inspections to Post-Op Follow-Ups

We are a friendly team of experts dedicated to improving the conditions of our city. We take pride in offering an excellent service experience to each of our customers.

We offer rapid, responsive communication to give our customers the necessary support in their time of need. And unlike many contractors, we keep the line of communication open during every stage of the operation. From your initial inspection and consultation to any follow-up calls and inspections, we’ll be there to address your concerns, lend our advice and guidance, and help you pivot away from this stressful time in your life.

Convenience is the key. We’ll perform our work discreetly so that we don’t interrupt your busy schedule. Let us handle the heavy lifting—and we’ll let you get on with your day-to-day life.

Bed Bug Removal with a Satisfaction Guarantee

We know we offer the best bed bug removal services in Manhattan. That’s why we’re happy to provide a customer satisfaction guarantee on every job we undertake. If for any reason our services have fallen short of your expectations, we encourage you to let us know. We’ll then do everything we can to fix the issue, whatever it may be.

You’re in safe hands. We guarantee it.

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The first thing you need to do when dealing with a bed bug infestation is to not panic. The second thing you need to do is click the ‘Request A Quote’ button on our website. One of our pest control experts will get back to you the same day with an accurate quote for our bed bug treatment services. Be sure to indicate whether you want traditional or heat treatment and expect our response swiftly.

Getting bed bugs under control has never been easier. Request a free quote now!