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Bed Bug Removal in the Bronx

Bed bug removal is never easy. For a bed bug exterminator to do their job effectively, it often means that you must also remove yourself from your home. Typically, your entire house is turned upside down. That kind of disarray is added insult to injury. First, you discover your home has bed bugs, and now you need to go through all this?

Thankfully, there are teams like 5 Star Environments LLC who make the bed bug removal process as painless as possible. While other bed bug exterminators might offer no compassion for turning your home upside-down and spraying your home with harmful chemicals, we do our best to avoid such drastic measures. Our bed bug treatments are chemical-free and 100% green! We go the extra mile to offer environmentally friendly heat-based bed bug treatments because not only are we licensed pest control technicians, but we are also homeowners and family members ourselves. We know what it is like to have one’s life thrown into disarray, that is why we work our best to avoid that at all costs – while also successfully eliminating all bed bugs from your premises!

Are you in need of an emergency bed bug treatment? Then call The Bronx’s best bed bug pest control team at 5 Star Environments LLC!

Safe Bed Bug Treatments for Your Home

Bed bug removal operations are usually last-minute and urgent. As a result of this urgency, few homeowners and tenants in the Bronx area have the time to ask their bed bug exterminators a lot of questions. Before they know it, an impolite and rough bed bug removal team is spraying their home and belongings with toxic chemicals.

Most people would prefer an alternative to the aggressive chemical-based approach to bed bug removal. In the past, people didn’t know where to find an exterminator who offered such an eco-friendly and health-conscious approach. Until 5 Star Environments LLC came around, that is.

What’s our secret? The ZappBug Room. The ZappBug Room is our very own bed bug heat treatment chamber. With this thermal chamber, we are able to exterminate bed bugs without relying on sprays, powders, and harsh chemical pesticides. This bed bug heat treatment isn’t just a fad, either. It removes 100% of all bed bugs and their eggs. We guarantee it!

Have you discovered bed bugs in your home? Don’t hesitate to call the bed bug removal team at 5 Star Environments LLC. We’ll give you a free quote on our services right away and be at your door as soon as possible.

The Best Bed Bug Removal Services in the Bronx

Have you spotted a bed bug scurrying across your pillow? While it might be easy to dismiss the sight of a single bed bug, in a school or office, as an isolated incident, a bed bug in a home is typically a sign that you have a bed bug infestation. Don’t wait until you see two, three, four, or five bed bugs. Call the bed bug removal team at 5 Star Environments LLC. We’ll make quick and easy work of our bed bug heat treatment. We guarantee it.