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Bed Bugs

Offering Bed Bug Remediation, Pest and Rodent Exclusion, and Canine Inspection Services in the New York Metropolitan and surrounding areas.

5 Star Environments

Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services in New York

5 Star Environments is a New York-based pest control company that specializes in bed bugs. With over a decade’s experience in the related business, we serve in all the five boroughs of New York.

We offer personalized care for each of our clients and also serve clients in New Jersey. Our bed bug remediation minimizes the use of chemicals in and around residential and commercial spaces.

Effective Pest Control

5 Star Environments offers top-notch pest control services in the New York Metropolitan area. Serving all five boroughs of New York City and the surrounding areas, we strive to bring you safe and effective pest control in commercial and residential settings.

5 Star Environments

Our Specialization


Pest control


Bed bug care


Bug infestations


Compactor and chute cleaning


Bed bug dog

5 Star Environments

Why Choose Us?

  • IPM approach to provide long-term results.
  • Environmentally-friendly solutions.
  • Reduces unnecessary chemical use.
  • Reduces the risk of pesticide resistance.
5 Star Environments
5 Star Environments

Going Green

To 5 Star Environments, going green means going natural. Be it residential or commercial property; we have a solution for all your pest control needs using sustainable methods. We work with a staff of entomologists to keep us updated on the latest methods of current pest management practices.