So, last week at 5 Star we met at one of our major clients locations to go over  IPM methods of dealing with some pest activity we have previously been tackling. Now, before I go any further, I want to paint a picture for you, the reader. Combined , our staff has over 30 years experience between all of us when it comes to pest control.  One employee has about 10 years of experience. Another employee has 15 years of experience. Another employee has about 5 years vested. So, you have to ask yourself, what else can we learn about pest control? Well my friend…plenty.

As I was standing there listening to the lecture about various methods to use in the situation, I couldn’t help but wonder does any other company actually do this? Does any other company take the time troubleshoot about  possible methods to help improve a pest situation? Do other companies truly keep up on new or updated ways actually dealing with a particular pest (some pest build can build a resistance to various chemicals that are being used. So always have a plan B.)

What made this a great lesson for all us is this. One of the key managers of this location was present during our “pest control tutorial” and learned a thing or two about maintaining any activity! His interest peaked the curiosity of others who wanted to know as well. It became infectious. Everyone picked up a thing or two about proper maintenance. Remember, it takes a group effort (Pest control specialist and client) to maintain any problem. that is what’s its truly about.

In a town where sometimes egos and narcissism might run abundant, its always great to know that there are some companies that still believe in dedication to its employees, continual education (you never stop learning) for their staff and continual customer service for the client.

That’s what we do at 5Star Environments. A-Z pest control.