ships_sun_sunsetAs we approach the Labor Day weekend we can’t help but feel a bit of sadness. For of us as human beings it means that our summer vacation has or is coming to an end.  No more fun in the sun, nature hikes near the lake, ice cream runs, family barbecues, splish/splash sounds of water as we jump in with smiling faces or the guzzling of newly made lemonade or ice tea as it cools us down from the heat of the sun. So sad.

Well for us in the pest control industry this it means something entirely different. This means that the summer BUG season should be slowly coming to an end as well. So long Mr. Tick! You will not be missed. Ciao crazy uncle fire ant! Constantly biting and biting. Farewell cousin mosquito with your taste for the sweet nectar of human blood! It just makes us itch and itch and itch. Argggghhh. Goodbye long lost relative cicadas. That sound you make was driving us crazy! Let us not forget about the angry in-laws, the Yellow Jackets. If you disturb them they will disturb you back as well! What about about those annoying next door neighbors the cluster flies (for some reason they still like to hang around even after the party is over). Are we sad to see you go. I truly don’t think so.

So farewell summer pests. We bid you adieu. We will see you around next year when you return again. Enjoy the holiday everyone. Be safe and be well!