5-STAR-BED-BUG-CHAMBERIn our quest to provide a solid green oriented pest control program, Steve Hawkins, CEO of 5 Star Environments, LLC, came up with the idea to implement having the 5 Star team add the use of a BED BUG HEAT CHAMBER UNIT to our process of the eradication of bed bug activity. He had seen it done before through various seminars, research and building a rapport with others who have used this process before in the past. Of course at first we were all taken back by this idea but, when it comes to 5 Star Environments, we are not your typical pest control company!

Well, l must say that I am now a true believer. About a month or so ago, one of our major clients contacted 5 Star with the hope of solving a major issue they were having. One of the tenants that resides in one of their properties was having a bed bug issue and needed it to be resolved. This was an elderly tenant that could not take the smell of restricted chemicals (very common in some cases) and wanted to make sure their furniture could be saved in the process.

How can this problem be resolved? With a smile on Steve’s face, he said “‘Have you heard about our BED BUG HEAT CHAMBER UNIT“? Fast forward and 5 Star Environments was on the job!

Here is how we took care of the problem. We built the heating chamber around the affected furniture using polystyrene foam cord boards. We applied heat using a commercial heater (yes, we have a commercial heater)! We also used commercial fans to keep the flow of heat pushing through out the affected furniture. While this is happening, we are monitoring the temperature using multiple sensors as well a digital thermometer that keeps us in the know of how much heat is getting to those targeted areas. The temperature is raised between 115-125 degrees fahrenheit (This temperature will not only eradicate bed bugs but, will eradicate their eggs as well). We were also able to place various clothes on racks and put them in the heating chamber as well.

Through this process we were able to eradicate the infestation, save countless pieces of furniture, limit the application of restricted chemicals in a specific case such as this and lastly, made an uncomfortable situation end with great results!